Luxury Retreats & Specialized Training Programs
How to attract elite celebrity clients, offer life-changing services, and make your business THRIVE!
Learn how to implement the same techniques and business strategies Reg has developed over 33 years.
The Life You Want.  The Clients You Want To Work With.  The THRIVING Business You Deserve.
"The great thing about this program, IT WORKS! Thank you for traveling with me and making my work so much better."

Al Pacino
“Thank you for changing my life – 
You are Great!”

Susan Sarandon

"Reg.. To my favorite healer and friends. All my love - Maria"

Maria Bello

‘Reg, there are many claiming to be healers, there are many wanting to be healers, you are one of the few true healers. Here’s to life and the hands that heal.’ 

Pierce Brosnan

“Thank you for making my Vancouver trip the best ever. 
With love and thanks for everything… you are the best!”

Ashley Judd

""I would like to extend my gratitude for your commitment, caring, attention and support regarding my health during the therapy that I have responded to so satisfyingly..."

Gabrielle Anwar

This is far more than a ‘training program’, this is your opportunity to “change your life” and turn your business into an extraordinary lifestyle.
For the first time ever, this is your opportunity to learn the strategies and techniques
rated as the BEST of the Best by celebrities, pro athletes, global leaders and Royal Families.

Work with amazing clients, earn the money you deserve and improve your own health, wealth and happiness!
Plus, after the hands-on-hands, in-person training with Reg, he will provide ongoing mentorship opportunities, ensuring YOU are living the life you love, in the body you love to live in while helping others to do the same.
This is NOT your normal classroom training program, this is the old fashion, in person, “Karate Kid” type one-to-one mentoring, ensuring you are thoroughly trained in the most complete and elite strategies, ensuring YOU become the Best of the Best in your own right.

“I guarantee this will be the best investment you will ever make, and the choice you will be grateful for, for the rest of your life!”

"Reggie is not a therapist you call to come in for an hour every couple of weeks, a trainer to run you through another fitness program, a nutritionist who hands out "cookie cutter" one size fits all waste of time programs, or another "coach" who tells you what to do and expects you to figure out HOW!?  He takes an overall look at everything about you; your environment, relationships, beliefs, habits, products you use and food you fuel your body with, and how your mind works and communicates with your body.  Everything about you, your life and your body hold the key to your success and your future.  Reggie makes the subtle tweaks and adjustments that make the difference between great and extraordinary."
THRIVE! is our Signature "Specialist" Training Program

Take your practice from hard, tiring, frustrating, boring, normal, or just "OK"
to thriving, valuable, exciting, fulfilling and extraordinary
in our signature therapist training program.

Highly Customized Training to Meet Your Specific Goals
Limited to max 10 guests per session ensures a very personal, individulaized program focusing on YOU, guiding you to achieve your personal and business goals.
Learn Award-Winning Strategies and Techniques
Learn the strategies & techniques Reg has forged through over 33 years working, travelling and living with celebrities, professional sports athletes, world leaders and Royal Families around the world.
Exclusive Training For Your Entire Team
Invite your colleagues and friends to book Reg Lenney for an exclusive group training, getting 100% focus on your business that will take your team to extraordinary heights!
This takes your job, your passion, your goals to an extra-ordinary level of lifestyle others can only dream of.
"Retaining Reginald was the best thing I ever did, the cost of his service was earned back 100,000 fold, the consequences of trying to save a buck and not investing in myself is devastating not only to every aspect of my life but also to my family's life.  This is something you have to experience in order to understand it!"

Held At Our Beautiful Acapulco, Mexico Location

Acapulco hosts some of the best parties and amazing views over the bay with beach parties especially popular.
Plus we'll explore the amazing city of Acapulco, enjoy local foods, connect with the culture and experience some of the most breath-taking sunsets.  
Our private and secure location offers an all-inclusive experience bound to impress even the most demanding traveler. Escape from the confines of everyday life with Reg Lenney as he creates a transformative experience completely customized for you.

Meet Your Vital Coach REG LENNEY

Reg Lenny is a multi-award winning vital coach and global expert best known for supporting some of the world’s most powerful leaders and professionals by helping them achieve and maintain the highest levels of mental and physical performance, ensuring they are consistently at their best, especially when the pressure is high.
Our mission, our purpose, our WHY, is to live life knowing we changed lives.  That we empowered others to bring out their true magnificence, achieve more than they ever dreamed possible, and reach their personal version of Ultimate Health and Success. 
Since 1986, Reg has been training and upgrading his skills and techniques in multiple areas of health, wellbeing, personal growth, phycology, and business. 

After 4 years of medical school, which showed Reg this was not the path he wished to follow, his passion and curiosity grew. He was not interested in the norm. Reg’s drive and passion are to help his clients eliminate the issues, to consistently grow into and beyond new and exciting ventures and experiences. 

This passion took Reg to India for 7 years where he trained full time in Ayurvedic medicine, followed by 3.5 years in traditional Chinese medicine. 

From there he’s been invited to work with the most amazing individuals and companies, supporting their extraordinary growth and empowerment around the world.
“I have dedicated my life to helping people understand the importance of the choices we make every day and how they impact our overall health. 
I believe in commitment. Committing to small, easy steps every day, with consistent advancement towards your goals.” - Reg Lenney

Meet Your Guest Vital Coach SUE ALEXANDER

With over 35 years experience in the health and wellness industry, Sue Alexander specialises in Holistic Beauty, Weight Loss Management and Energy Healing using a multitude of disciplines.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of natural beauty, her unique fusion is both her passion and a gift. 
She is renowned for her design and personalised approach to her client’s needs and providing the very best in bespoke treatments. This is reflected in the personal experience you will receive under the guidance of her skilled hands, delivering treatments that go way beyond expectation.

Sue’s career has taken her around the World, as Director of Beauty on the QE2 & SS Canberra Ocean Liners and as the International Sales and Marketing Director for Sisley Paris Skin Care. Her worldwide role initiated the opening of markets in the USA, UK and the Far East. 

Now working around the World but based for the last two years in Spain. Sue owned The Oasis Retreat, high in the Andalusian Mountains. A place of calm and tranquillity where she coached people to ultimate wellness to be “The Best Version of Yourself” spending her time between treating and teaching in all her areas of expertise.

Sue regularly presents to many hundreds of people around the World.

“Our body is a temple, but only if we treat it as one. I am here to remind you to renew, rejuvenate and to take care of your mind and body, as it is the only place you have to live in.” - Sue Alexander


First, we ensure you clearly understand how it feels to receive the ultimate Repair-Rebuild-Recharge services.
Then learn what it takes to provide such services to your clients in transformational ways.

Rates & What's Included

5-Day Program: starting at $6,200
(Th. - Mon.)

*Organize a group of 4 or more friends/colleagues, each gets 10% off.  That's $2,480 in total savings for a group of 4.

All inclusive price includes accommodation, airport transfer to and from ACA, meals and drinks.
Price may vary based on room type and needs.


Advanced Techniques To Incorporate Into Your Business or Practice, including:
  • Structural Alignment: ensuring old injuries, scar tissue, imbalances, and muscle memory are eliminated, allowing your body to be true and in alignment as it is meant to be.
  • Gravity alignment: once your old alignment is repaired, we will ensure your body is working with gravity, rather then against it
  • Organ Re-balancing: ensuring your organs are fully in-tuned, functioning with full power, communication with the brain and all is working as it should be.
  • Energy Balancing: ensuring your body and mind communicate together as they should
  • Chakra Balancing: this is where the real power is! Once your body is aligned and working as it should, we get into the chakras to ensure you are allowing in all the energy available to you. 
Learn Advanced "Signature" Services and Opportunities for on-going support and growth include:
  • Advanced strategies and techniques rated "Best of the Best" by celebrities, pro athletes, global leaders, and Royal Families.
  • ​Leverage what Reg has learned from traveling, working and living with world Leaders
  • "Hands-on-Hands" in-person training allowing you to leverage over 3 decades of knowledge and expertise.
  • Advanced business strategies taking your job, your passion, your goals to an extra-ordinary level of lifestyle others can only dream of.
  • Opportunities for top mentees to work side-by-side with Reg and his clients and in his retreats and training events in beautiful locations across the world.
Plus so many other benefits and strategies you will not find in ANY other training programs!
  • How to attract the clients you want
  • ​How to achieve extra-ordinary results, and help others to do it too
  • The strategies to achieve extra-ordinary results while avoiding fads
  • ​How to live an Extra-Ordinary life, in the body you love to live in
  • ​How to turn other people's mistakes into passive income
  • ​Learn how I became the 'go-to guy' for high end clients, and you can too
  • ​How to get high-status people to return your calls and even invite you into their homes, and their lives
To reach elite levels and truly serve your clients in transformational ways, you must first break down all the limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and practices. Then rebuild a solid foundation that will ensure you are not only able to achieve your "ultimate life", but also maintain it long term so that you leave a legacy in the hearts and minds of those you serve.  
Are You Ready To Get Started?
This live top end professional training and support program is not for everyone.  I'm looking for the passionate, ambitious, results-oriented "SPECIALISTS" to share my time and experience with.

I'm here to help YOU reach levels in your private life and your business that you never imagined possible!
There are no guarantees in life!  If you're looking to "test the waters" instead of taking the leap and making the choice to fully submerge yourself into this lifestyle and business, then this program is NOT for you.

We only work with committed individuals that want to actually reach 6-7 figures in their business and help to change people's lives!
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